Deborah K. Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (43)

Deborah is the Chairman and President of the Empower group of companies, through which Deborah markets her products and consulting services. Deborah has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is a certified Group Fitness instructor through Ace. Deborah also is a cycle instructor and received her certification through Schwinn. Deborah has been a yoga instructor for adults, teens and small children teaching them the power they have to be strong and present in their lives. In 2010 Deborah opened and ran her own dance studio, Empower Dance LLC, where children of all ages would come and not only learn the art of dance but learn how to make their lives better through yoga, fitness, and leadership seminars that Deborah would present. This dance studio is still a thriving company in Salt Lake City. Deborah has many passions in life, she loves to run, cycle, hike, camp, travel, teach, and many more. Through these passions the idea has blossomed to create a product that will not only protect and support you on the inside, but empower you on the outside as well.

Elliott Polatoff, Director (45)

Mr. Polatoff is a member of the Company's board of directors since July, 2016. Prior to this, Mr. Polatoff was the office manager of Five Towns Neurology. From June 2012, until October 2012, Mr. Polatoff was the residential manager of Human Care Services. From September 2007 until September 2009, Mr. Polatoff was the Chief Executive Officer of Party Source, Inc., an entertainment company.